wholesaling in NC

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Hello All, Happy Holidays.

I am working on becoming a wholesaler in the Triad NC I have a few questions Im hoping to get help with. These seem to controversial here, I have gotten different answers 

1 do you have to have a brokers licence in NC

2 the fee here in NC seems to be standard instead of percentage, so are we running title searches being that they are only done by Attorney's here? What about inspections?

3 Everyone talks about the exit strategies but no one specifically says what they are?

All input is much appreciated.


Hi Kimberly,

(1) Brokers license not needed to wholesale

(2) I'm clear on the question

(3) If you are a wholesaler the most common exit strategy is to find a buyer whether it be a rehabber, buy & hold investor or someone else.  I'd guess that a lot would be the rehabber.

I hope that helps