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I am beginning a direct mail marketing campaign. I have a list of absentee on stanby through listsource. I know that I want my first mailing to be all postcards. Being as though Im on a budget, I would like to know what is the most cost efficient way of getting postcards. I was thinking of vistaprint but Im not sure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

@Luther McIntosh We've used vistaprint in the past and they come out really well. You can always find discount codes too. 

Another option is an iphone app called QCards. It's not the best interface, but it allows you to send individual postcards for $0.63/pc, or you can blanket an entire area. The really nice thing that I like about the app is that you can individualize each postcard if you want with different images and text. Ex - If you are driving for dollars and spot a house, you can snap a picture of the actual property you want to buy, then make that the image on the postcard, and send right from your phone. That usually gets the homeowner's attention =)  Best of luck!