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Hi, I'm new to Real Estate from Philadelphia and looking to get into wholesaling. I read some books and listened to podcast to get the concept and system to wholesaling but I'm stuck on where can I find a escrow agent to help me with me contracts

@Abdul King

Welcome to BP and REI!!! If I were you, I would focus on marketing and generating leads before you worry about finding a title company. That is the easy part, the difficult thing is finding deals. I know a few title companies you could use when you're ready and have your first contract!

Dear Shawn,

It sounds like you are wholesaling real estate. If this is true, how do you handle the 19 or so of the 20 leads you receive that have little or no equity or the owner is reluctant to accept the traditional wholesaler's 40-50% discount offer? Quite possibly, you trash them?

If this is the case, I can help and create some CASH flow for you.  If you send me these leads, I will pay you $500 for each one of them I am able to help.  Contact me so we might discuss an agreement, you can start sending me these leads, and you can create more CASH flow.  I remain,

your most Humble Servant,

Dr. Steven C. McNeel

Boise, Idaho

YOu dont need an escrow agent to get paperwork nor do you even need one to do an actual wholesale deal. You can pretty much download a basic contract almost anywhere. I suggest you do much more research and studying as there is much more to wholesaling then just what everyone talks about in books and podcasts.