Wholesaling contract

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Hi BP family

Does anyone has a copy of a wholesaling contact that I can look at??
Feel free to contact me..
My gold is to make an offer on my neighbor house.
Get it in contact.
Give him a deposit.
Do a title search.
And then put it on the market.
Any other steps and info wold be helpful

Thanks Jc Jimenez

Make sure that you can legally have a home listed on the market for sale when your not the actual owner.  If by chance a buyer comes along that wants to live in the home and get a loan you will have issues as your not the legal owner.

Good luck

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@Juan Jimenez If you are doing a wholesale deal, you don't put it on the market, you find a cash buyer to sell to. You can't list a property on the MLS if you are not the owner. If you use transactional funds or hard money to close on the property yourself and become the owner and then list it on the MLS with an agent, then you are good. But you shouldn't be listing wholesale deals on the MLS ever, only sell to cash buyers.

There is no such thing as a "wholesaling contract".....all you need is a stand real estate sales agreement, preferablly one that you can modify to fit your needs.

All of these answers are correct @Juan Jimenez . There is no such thing as a wholesale contract. What you are doing is making the contract assignable and then using an assignment contract to transfer all of your terms to your end buyer. You can download a free contract online and tailor it to fit your needs. 

Hope this helps, 


@Juan Jimenez Building your buyers list happens over time. Once you get a property under contract, if it is a good deal, buyers will be knocking down your door once you market the property. Then you just keep the info of the ones you feel are serious candidates for your business.