New to BP, looking wholesale information SB county

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My name is Chris, I'm an ambitious nineteen year old who is looking to find success now. This past summer, I left my life in Philadelphia(Delco) to move out to California. I have business experience with an internship called Collegeworks Painting, but the real estate industry is completely different to painting. Knowing real estate is sorta like knowing a second language. Everything takes hard work and I'm willing and ready to take action.... but I didn't know where to ever start I till I saw BiggerPockets. I came to California with my best friend/roommate/business patner(Blake). He started a BP account a couple days ago and he's been getting great feed back with many people who look to help. I noticed how much knowledge and networking you can get so I took it upon myself to join the BP club. I want to acquire as much knowledge as I can about the wholesale industry in Santa Barbara county and all the counties around. I know the basics when it comes to a wholesale but other than that, I'm at square one. Any kind of input of past experiences or tips for me would be tremendous appreciated. All the money I look to make being a real estate invester will be going toward a business blake and I are making. We are determined to have a successful business by 24 and will get it one way or another. The doubters fuel us so bring it on!

Hey @Christopher Heiler ! Welcome to Bigger Pockets. Make sure to listen to the podcasts. There's a wealth of information there. Good Luck.

Hi Chris, welcome to BP.

Hi Marlon! Thank you I'm going to get on that! Nice to meet you

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