Postcards for wholesaling

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I'm wondering what my postcards should look like. If there's one thing I'm bad at, it's art.

How simple or how fancy should they be?

Here are some examples from Google. Should I use something like these? What would you use?

Hey @Patrick Philip I like using postcards that look like a bandit sign.  It's familiar to people and communicates a simple message which is "We Buy Houses for Cash". Glad to see you spending time on marketing.  The goal is to increase it to 80% of your time.  Look Luck 

@Jose Flores would it be asking too much to find a picture on Google of exactly what you're talking about?

I find that a simple, right to the point message is best. And don't use your personal phone number, use your google number. Also have you phone skills and elevator pitch done before you spend any money on marketing / advertising. 

Good luck

@Michael Mullins do you have a picture of postcards you have used? Is it just black text on a white card? The same message I'm using on the letters I'm sending out?

On Google, there are all kinds of fancy postcards with graphics. I suppose that's too much.

Why do you suggest using a Google number?

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