New Investor would like some advice

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hi guys, my name is Shavawne and I just recently found out about investing and would like to start my first wholesale deal, while driving I have been passing around for sale by owner signs my next step is to stop by or give them a call,as well as ask questions, if anyone can give me any advice on what to do after that?i am out here in st lucie county,FL

I have bought100's of houses.

You need to get used to talking to sellers and making LOW BALL offers.

Call the seller and go look at the house. Ask them whats going on with the house. Like why are they selling it How long have they owned the house. You know just general questions. What are they asking for the house. I tell them if I can close in 2 days what's the lowest you can take for the house.

Tell them you're are gonna figure out the numbers and you will get back with them

Here's my secret.

After I leave

I down load an app called Slydial. There you can call them and it goes straight to their voice mail. 

Slydial them 2 days later and make them a stupid low offer. They may call you back and say OK or they will counter or you'll never hear from them again.

Either way is non-confrontational.

You just need to get used to making offers and talking to sellers.

I teach my students to do this when they first start out.

Shawn Greeves

Just kidding,

Get it under contract. Put as little earnest money down. With home owners I never put up any money. Even though people say you have to have at least 1 dollar to make it legal, you just need a contract.

Try to get the keys and start marketing the house.

Don't try to make a killing. So many guys don't understand you have to leave most of the meat on the bone for the guy that's gonna rehab the house.