Direct Mail List Criteria

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Good Morning fellow wholesalers,

So I'm generating some mailing lists this morning and wondering which lists are the most effective. I'm using rebogateway which is pretty easy to use yet a little buggy.

Lists I plan on mailing to:

Divorce (filed in the last 90 days), with notice of default. *Not a huge list but for motivation I think it will be a good one

Notice of Default, Absentee Owner

Tax Delinquent (2016 Tax Year), Notice of Default. *Pretty good sized list with hopefully good motivation.

I'm trying to keep my mailing small but consistent until I can get a deal and generate some additional marketing cash. I plan on sending white 4x6 postcards with a handwritten, red font which i am printing myself for now. Mail merge is awesome!! Not really, But I am figuring it out.

Just looking for feedback on whether these are a good choice and any other criteria that would be a good list to send direct mail to. 

If anyone can list there experiences with similar criteria that would be great. I did one deal 3 years ago but took time off to finish some schooling and focus on my day job career path (which I do not want to do for the next 25 year! ha). I need to get my wholesale business going with a goal of walking away from the day job, or automate and keep both, we shall see.

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


Hey Mike,

I haven't used Robogateway.  So I can't help ya there.  

You say you want to keep your list small.  However, you are mailing to Divorce, Absentee & Notice of Default.  I think it's great to mail to all of them or more if that's in the budget.  It just caught my eye that you said you were keeping it small.  Yet mailing to 3 different lists.  Perhaps you will do them at separate times.  I'd say do with whatever your budget and time will allow.  If you are keeping it small.  You may want to focus on just one and see how it goes.

Any of those lists can produce deals.  Naturally, it will depend on a number of factors.  How many are you mailing to.  How often etc.  

At any rate, it sounds like you have some good thoughts.  Be consistent with your mailings and don't get too frustrated if at first you don't get the results that you want............Good luck.

As far as the Divorce, Notice of Default list goes, both of those criteria need to be met for it to land on my list. It's only about 40 properties. Same goes for the the other lists, all criteria need to be met so either one of those is about 130-150 properties. 

I figured I would mail weekly alternating between the 3 till I can scale it. Only reason I am separating them is for tracking results.  Thanks for the advice Roland. Same to you.