Marketing for Wholesaling

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Hey BP! I'm new into wholesaling in the Lehigh valley Pennsylvania area. I have soaked up as much as I️ could in these past 3 months or so in everything from finances to real estate closings etc. and decided to just get out there and start with wholesaling. I️ currently have bought 50 bandit signs with the standard “I️ buy Houses Fast Easy and As isand my google voice number. I️ put them 1 week ag and have not received any calls as of yet from those. I’m not expecting to receive right away, but I’m looking toward the future and trying to set some goals up. I’m looking into direct mailers and have used the following criteria in purchasing a list from list source: I️ decided to go with counties(bucks, Lehigh,monro,Montgomery,northampton and schuykill) our of State absentee owners that had at least 40% equity with ownership of at least 20 years. This list totaled to 423 and priced at $84.49. I️ am trying to budget for at least 6 months of sending out mailers to these 423 names. My question is, is this too small to start with? Is there a good sight to choose for the mailers? Any other advice you can give me. I️ forgot to mention as well that I️ do not have the resources to start an LLC, website etc and hope to do so after a few deals. Thank you for any and all advice! Best, Sam

@Samuel Christian

I have never found any luck with bandit signs.  If I am being honest though I only casually put them out and you need to be diligent with bandit signs to get the return.

For the number of counties you have, 423 is way to small in my opinion.  Also with that criteria your output seems to be to small unless you are in a more rural area?  You will have to find someone local to be the judge of that.  Either way be prepared to mail each lead a minimum of 5 times before move on.  

There are sites/ people who will do your mailings for you like yellow letters, Jerry Puckett, etc.

If money is an issue then I would pass on the website for now.  There is a lot of upfront costs as well as maintenance costs with sites and tons of competition.  

An LLC however would be a good idea and you can do that online for a couple hundred dollars. You will want to write off as many expenses as you can.

Thank Andrew Michael! I’ll relook at my criteria, but yea my area is definitely more rural. I️ thought 423 was very low. Now if I️ do in state absentee owners the numbers go to 2611 which gives me more people to hit however more money. Money is definitely an issue now as I’m throwing almost all my extra cash to pay off my school, car, and Cc debt.

I️ also drove around my area and noticed every single sign of mine has been taken down. Very frustrating as I️ now see more signs of another competitor. Not sure if they are the ones who took mine or the township people. Probably not going to waste the time or money with bandit signs again. Nonetheless I️ will keep pushing forward!