How do you identify initial zip codes?

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When you tested a new (wholesaling) campaign in your area, how did you identify the initial zip codes to target from your list?   Any particular list that has or has not worked well in your area?

@Jason Turo I can't say we actually "tested" anything (more trial and error) but we did talk to our best buyers to ask them what counties, zip codes and neighborhoods we were interested and the prices they would be interested in buying properties in. 

You can also be scientific and formulaic in how you actually approach it. One of the gurus I follow (and I did this for years and still do) basically suggests downloading all the transactions in your state to figure out the average selling price and the number of homes sold in each area/zip code. You then figure out the bands of price points where you would target your wholesaling activity based on the sales price and number of home sold. 

We still primarily use absentee owner lists but specialty lists (e.g. pre-foreclosure, probate, etc.) can work just as well. I hope it helps!

you can youtube how to find the hottest zipcodes through listsource for free. Filter on the top ones and focus your marketing in those areas.

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