Title Company in SoCal for Double Closing?

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Because of the grey area that wholesaling can sometimes be in I've been recommended to double close in my area in SoCal but I've read that most title companies don't like working with those who double close. Any suggestions around Torrance, CA?

When I say double close I'm talking about me (investor B) getting funds from the end buyer I'll wholesale to (C) and then buys the original purchase from the seller (A). Not me bringing me own funds to buy and then sell.

So can anyone recommend a double close friendly title co in my area? I'd really appreciate the help, thanks!

Hi John.  I don't know specifically about her doing double closes, but I was very happy working with Lisa Davis at Trans-National Escrow on my Redondo triplex sale a few months ago.  The site won't let me post her contact info.  Worst case you're out a quick phone call if it's not her forte.

@David M. Hey thanks for the reply, David. I'll be looking into that! :)

I just did a double Escrow in the same fashion this week! I have everything set up from Escrow company to title company to paperwork to closing. Reach out to me, I’ll connect with you too

If anyone still follows this thread I am looking for a double close title co in CA. Thanks! 

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