Finding owner of abandoned home

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So I came across this house that is abandoned and Im trying to reach the owner. I spoke to the neighbors and they told me the owner died and the wife and family haven’t been to the house since which is the reason why it’s abandoned. I asked if they had the wife’s number the guy said no but his sister was kind of close with the family, so left them my contact info. I don’t want to wait to see if the sister calls me or not i want to get in touch with the wife ASAP. I looked on the tax records already to see the basic information got the couples name so im guessing she’s now the original owner. How can i get in contact with the wife directly I want to see if she’s willing to sell.

Send a letter. If you can find their names on tax records you can find her address. Or just keep coming back to the neighbors home till they get fed up with you and give you the woman's number.

And if you really are able to solve a problem for the seller then you can ask the neighbor for her number on that premise. She wont be protecting the seller, she will be hindering the seller from having a problem solved. A problem you might be able to solve.

offer the Sister $1-2k if she gives you the # & you buy the house.

Pull the death certificate and see if she filled it out. If so, her forwarding address will be displayed.

You have his name from the property so see if probate has already been filed. If so, the administration process has already started and the PR has been approved by the probate court.

See also if a will has been lodged with the court. If so, the court approved PR will be your point of contact..

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