Wholesaling driving for dollars

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Great question!
Yes and no. Find the owner, establish a relationship and go for the ask. It has to be much more finessed than “your house looks uninhabitable, I’ll give you pennies on the dollar! It’s ok because I believe this is adding value”. It has to start with listening, really listening. Sure you might get a few just shooting straight from the hip, but you probably won’t get referrals or upfront honesty

Call and say "I'm calling about a house in 'city' I drive by it and it appeared to be vacant I'm wondering if u might be considering selling the house" then listen
If they ask what your offer is, switch the conversation to the condition and try to get as much info as u can get them to tell u about the house. And set aapointnent to view . Try to get them to tell u how much they want so u can at least know u are in ballpark before u view but lots of times they don't know what they want us they didn't think about selling till u called. So u need to be able to look at comps and give a ballpark before taking the time to go see

I agree with all the advice given here, never ceases to amaze me the good information on these forums.  I think the first step before contacting the home owner is to talk to the neighbors to possibly get a feel for the home and home owner(s).  You might come across some information that can help you from them before talking to the potential seller.  After that i think contact with the home owner/seller would be good and listening sincerely to them is the right way to go like Jorge said.