Real estate in Maryland

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Hello Biggerpockets community Im new to real estate and like most newbies im starting with wholesale and i was just trying to find others who whole in this area who could give me some advice and maybe help get my feet wet. I haven't done a deal yet but if i knew i had investors waiting i would feel more confident knowing i had some kind of buyers list and not just winging it and i know you can have a strategy all planed out but if you dont do anything with it its useless but i would real appreciate any help or advice 

Hi Christian,

First, welcome to BP! You've come to the right place, everyone is extremely helpful. Next, I heard it many times (and seen it happen live in the marketplace here) that if you find the right deal, you'll never have to worry about finding buyers. It's really true, I've seen wholesale deals posted on here and sold within seconds not even minutes. So as far as your strategy, I'd spend more time on finding a really good deal and that's the best way to get started in my opinion.

That being said, I'm looking to do my first deal as well within the next few months as well, so I'd be glad to be added to your list and if something you find fits what I'm looking for, maybe I'll be your first buyer :) 

Hope this helps and good luck!

Welcome to BP, wholesale is a very common start for most beginner but like anything else is has its ups and down. There is a lot of good information on the forum and feel free to ask questions, people will be happy to help and Maryland is well represented in BP!

Kyle Johnston are you a HML or a traditional lender? I see your in Manchester, I have a duplex up there and also flip properties in Carroll county and all around Maryland.


Hi @Christian Sifuentes , I'm more towards a traditional lender, I'm a loan officer with Carrington Mortgage Services. The reason I don't say entirely traditional though is because we service a large portion of our own loans, which allows us to offer programs with fewer strict guidelines like a cash out program for investment properties I've mentioned in other posts. I'm actually living in Owings Mills now and working in Towson, but I know Carroll County very well since I grew up there. Where's your duplex located? I've been looking into getting started flipping as soon as I have a little capital built up so I'd definitely like to talk more about that too!

@Christian Callaway start attending some of the local REIA/Meetups. You didn't mention what part of MD you are in, I'm located in Southern MD, but wholesale in the NoVA/DC/Balt areas.

Finding buyers is easy, your business is dependent on finding off-market wholesale property.

Hello Christian, welcome to Bigger Pockets.  I too am new to Bigger Pockets and looking to flip my first home.  I live in DC and looking to pick up my first flip in PG County, MD to get a better grasp of the process since that area is close to me and has a lower market entry.  I plan to move into DC and Baltimore once I have got a few flips under my belt and have established myself with a couple of investors.