Pursuing Bird Dogging Legally

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@Rob Gillespie sorry about the late reply, myphone died last night and I was out wIth family. Also, I’m only going to be selling leads by doing a survey to learn a bit about their property and if they’d like to sell or not. And yes, I‘d love to get in touch wIth your son!
@Brent Pearson congrats on your rental! Also, since I won’t technically be doing bird dogging (more of like a telemarketing company) I will just need contracts but I will then ensure that I get payed! Thanks for all of your support!

@Account Closed I go away for a day and look how your thread blew up! I'm glad you're getting encouragement from lots of people and aren't deterred by the nay-sayers.

To answer your question about the service contract, yeah you should definitely get one written up by a lawyer that specializes in business. It's usually just a 1 or 2 page agreement and they're all pretty standard stuff, so he/she shouldn't charge you a crazy amount.

Once you know everything is set up in a legal way you can start killing it without looking over your shoulder.

@Eric Adobo that’s not true at all, I know of a few minors that are similar to me that wanted to get into business when they were young that met up with attorneys to get stuff sorted out for themselves.

Did they have  adult backing?Get on a 🚲 and start cycling for 💵 S. 

You had deals going before tell us what happened. 

I wonder if the city will issue my 7 yr old nephew a license to sell 🍋 ade? His parents are quite wealthy and don't want anything to do with it. 

@Eric Adobo yes they had adults with them when doing everything because they need to have an adult with them. Also, yes I did have a deal that I had experience with by doing cold calling actually, other than that I stopped doing the other stuff before I made any money because of the legalities/problems with everything that you guys told me. Also, this will all be coming out of money that I have and not my parents because we are by no means rich and I’m just leveraging my own money that I saved up over the years.
@Account Closed

I just came across this thread and I wanted to say Great Job! Its awesome to see a 15 yo looking at being more than a "normal" kid. I started working at 12 delivering news papers and wish I would have been able to think the way you are!

To all the positive people on this thread great job! To the negative DB's you suck. lol. 

I was wondering how this is working out for you? Have you had success? 

Hello everyone, my name is Shamir Gajmer and I'm a 15-year-old trying to get into real estate. I have been researching a lot, about wholesaling, real estate, rental properties, and being my age I was trying to get into the actual business. With further research, I found out that in Akron Ohio (where I'm at) to do whole selling you're going to need a license and I can't right now because of my age.

So I decided to soak up information about Wholesaling, and rental properties. I'm wishing that I could start right now but As I said again I need a license for it or I'm just too young. Then I found Bird Dogging. Finding deals for other investors. If I'm not wrong even at my age I can start bird-dogging and get paid.

My questions are how do I start bird-dogging? what are the necessary steps needed to make a legal contract? in which you know you're going to get paid for all your hard work. I am willing to work for an investor on getting the best deals. I can even work for free for a couple weeks and if I can find you a great deal we can work on the payments. But really I'm here to sharpen my skills and learn from Investors. Please help me out here.