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What should my next steps be after I skip trace and see that there are no relatives coming up and no one paying the taxes on a house that is vacant? I recently called a probate lawyer for the process this morning just curious to you guys answer.

Depends on your state and county. If nobody is paying the taxes eventually it will get foreclosed on by the taxing authorities and you can buy it at the tax sale. 

If you are referring to adverse possession laws, that will not work because that is not how the law is written in Texas. As for placing a lien by paying the taxes I am not familiar with how that works so I don't want to misguide you. You would need to speak with a lawyer. Best bet would be to try and find and contact the law firm handling the estate of the deceased owners. Not my area of expertise but I would be interested to know what you find out. 

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@Chris Burnett’s yes I have it’s behind on taxes for about 3 years now

 Request a copy of the death certificate. Whom ever filed it out will be your first point of contact. This person may have started the probate process. If so, the administration process has already started.