Wholesalers in NJ 101 for beginners ?

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Hey @Damian Williams , wholesaling is pretty simple from an overview stand point (find a great deal from a motivated seller, get it on contract, find a cash buyer to flip the contract to). It takes a lot of action and practice to get good at doing those 3 things, but you have to start somewhere. Start with step 1: "Finding a great deal". What have you done so far?

@Damian Williams I'm also new to the real estate investing world and have found the local REIA (real estate investment association) a good place to begin networking activities (per @Alex T. 's suggestion above). There's a list here on BP: https://www.biggerpockets.com/rei/new-jersey-real-... and if you google REIA New Jersey you'll find others. 

Participating in the forums, attending webinars and reading the books are all great ways to get up to speed - but nothing beats getting out there and talking to like-minded investors.