Where you get your lists in Utah

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As we have started marketing in Utah we have used a couple different sources to get our list to market to through cold calling or direct mail.  I was looking into buying access to the Salt Lake County Records for a lump sum instead of having to deal with list source or other third party providers. Has anyone used the county for their lists? We are used to using Property Radar in California but they do not go into Utah!

Call the assessors office.  I believe they have a subscription system however from what I recall it's a little bit expensive and is not very user friendly.

You can pull the public data from the various websites and then go and extrapolate everything, but unless you've got a pretty good programmer who can build out some engines to go scrape everything you will end up doing a lot of that mining manually.

Hi @Stratton B Brown , so sorry we are not there yet, we are working hard on it! Until then, the combination of Listsource and RealQuest (both from Corelogic) would be our recommendation, and the closest thing comparably. You just can't get anything comparable from just a single public records data source like the assessors office. 

Thanks @Stratton B Brown . I'm hesitant to say, as I've been wrong a couple of times already. :-( I really thought we'd be there already as we've been working on it for more than year. Unlike other vendors who just resell records, our process is a lot more complex which is simply taking a lot of time. You can read more about what makes us different here: https://www.propertyradar.com/how-we-do-it). Bottom line, it will be done when it's done. Sorry.