Right of Redemption on REO?

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So, I'm still really new here and I'm putting in an offer on an REO through a wholesaler.

I know there is a right of redemption on foreclosures in Kansas (12 months), but does that apply to an REO, or once the property passes to another buyer (me... or the party that I eventually sell to), does that right of redemption go away? I believe is states that the original owner can "buy back" the property at the sale price, but I'm not sure which sale that right ends with.

Do I have to sell back to the original owner if he/she pays me the price for which I bought the property if they choose to exercise their right? 

Is this something that I would need to disclose to my end buyer (e.g. "this was a foreclosure so there is a slim chance that the foreclosed upon individual will have the right to buy back the property from you for the amount you paid me, as long as he/she exercises their right before said date")?

Any advice/expertise is much appreciated!



If MO has a 12 month redemption I’m guessing the bank wouldn’t be selling it prior to the 12 months.....not with title insurance anyway.  When was the foreclosure auction?  If there is a redemption period, someone reselling the property would have no affect on this, and their redemption price would be the price at the foreclosure auction, not a subsequent sale price.

I can't see double wholesale on a REO working out very often.