Wholesaling and Charging for Comps

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Hi BP, I recently just had a wholesaler reach out to me and ask me if we can work together as a team. Me, as the realtor, would work for him & give him comps and ARV for certain areas he's interested in. Hes willing to pay me for each time I pull comps, but how much should I charge him each time? Didn't want to give him a number just yet as I want to be reasonable. Any ideas?

Hi Christian, I'm a Wholesaler in the Dallas area. I've recently reached out to Realtors for assistance with Comps and ARV as well. In return for their assistance I've offered to send them properties that may be a good deal for them but not for me. I would think that a Realtor would make way more on the property that the Wholesaler would send them. Maybe you could speak with other Realtors in your area to see what they charge.