How to find an “investor friendly” title company?

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Hey everyone, I’ve recently tried to reach out to title companies to ask if they’re “wholesaler friendly”. Many of them just shoot me down and say, “We only work with realtors.” Is it just not possible here or I’m approaching them wrong? I’m also located in Montgomery, Alabama.

@Javaris Lewis Asking a question like that is asking to be shot down.  Most are likely to assume you are both new and don't know what you are doing just by the way you asked the question. 

You are not looking for an "Investor Friendly" title company. You are looking for a competent title company that understands investor deals. Like most real estate agents, most title companies are in the business of doing mundane transactions of a homeowner selling a house to another homeowner. 

A better question to ask is "Do you do a lot of investor transactions?" "Do you do many transactions with hard money lenders?"

Network with local investors, Ask them who they use for title companies.

Hi Ned,

I please have a question too. I am a novice too on the wholesale arena in Baltimore. My question is:

How can an heir deed a real property to me? The parents who owned the property passed away and he does not want to be bother with it.  So when I called him, he asked me to find out what needs to be done so he can deed it to me.

Thank you for your response.