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Question to wholesalers --  curious as to what you do with your lead lists?  Specifically interested in those leads that do want to sell - but either not appropriate for wholesale or just could'nt come to an agreement to sell wholesale.

Do you share &/or sell those lists?  I would love to follow up on those folks who you know are interested in selling but just isn't a fit for you.  Build/develop relationship with area wholesalers.

Curious how you handle that data.

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It looks like your already a realtor so that could be a lead for since they don’t seem interested in selling at a “wholesale” price.

They don’t seem motivated enough, however, that don’t mean that they won’t be a month from now. Always follow up, they may call otherwholesalers around and find that all are offering wholesale prices for their home. Depending on if you developed rapport, they may turn into a deal. 

Lastly, you can always turn it over to an real estate agent if the prospect want this house sold at fair market. It’s always good to develop a relationship with an agent for like expired listings, as is, and/or short sales.  

If you're an agent and they aren't looking to sell their house at a wholesale price you could always offer to list it at a reduced commission.

If they don't want to sell at a wholesale price and they don't want to list their property for retail, then they just really don't want to sell (Or they want a buyer to come directly to them with their exact price without having to go through the MLS, which typically isn't happening). I would put them in a CRM program for follow-up at that point