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So I found a house that was vacate. Did my research to find out there was no mortgage but had city grass violations fines 7400. I found 2 heirs of the property from the decease guy and they signed a contract to sale me their portion of the property. Even if I cant find the other 2 children. Do I have the right to go ahead and fix the property and rent it out.

Was probate ever opened and completed? If not, the “heirs” have nothing to sell. Even if they did probate, You’re heading for some legal problems, talk to a local attorney.

Best case, you’ll own an “undivided” 1/2 interest in the property. Without probate having been done, you own nothing.  The other two heirs still have a legal interest in the property.

Talk to a local attorney or title co. to understand what you need/have.