Mobile Home Wholesale deal

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Hey All, 

I have a potentially good deal, but I have no idea how to price it.  It's a mobile home, and I've not dealt with them before.  It seems as if I could make potentially $5-6k, but I just honestly don't know if thats correct or if what I'm looking at is comparing apples and oranges.  Any suggestions or resources would help.

Some info on it, it's a 1994, with new flooring throughout.  2 bed 1.5 bath, 900sq ft.  

Thanks guys!

@Steve Franco If the mobile home is located in a park, you may want to talk to the park manager. Usually, they know the values of homes and rents in the area. You can also talk to the local mobile home dealerships in the area. Have had many conversations about the market and different mobile home parks in the past with these folks. Hope that helps!