Wholesaling in real estate

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Hey guys I’m a new agent and I’m trying to get started in wholesaling. I’m currently driving for dollars and I find homes that are vacant with boarded up windows. My only problem is I have no idea how to get in contact with the owners of theses properties.
@Ronald Troy Whidbee Hey Troy! In pretty new to this as well, I am sending out my first direct mail campaign today. You can get the information by googling your local Tax Assessor and searching for the property by address. It will give you the name and current address for the owner. The main issue I found was that sometimes, even though the home is abandoned, the owner still has that abandoned address with an untouched mailbox as their mailing address, so you know they won’t get your letter. At that point, I find whitepages.com can be useful, but actually I have really liked MyRelatives.com, which often gives you more info for free. Last resort is skip tracing, but that costs money.