Assignment contract wholesaling

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Hello everyone, I am a new investor in New York mainly trying to focus on wholesaling and I am also new to the BP community. I wanted to know if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction of how do I go about trying to get an Assignment Contract or a Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract. Thank you and have a good evening everyone.

@Lindsey Orr welcome to BP it's a great resource to investors like yourself. you are able to download both contracts here on BP by going into your tools tab then going to file place there you may search for the contract you desire. Good luck on your Business 

Hey Lindsey- welcome! I'd get to a REI meeting as soon as possible. In my area, they are usually posted on, but you can connect with people on the local forums here on BP. There will likely be a bunch of people there with experience and resources that you need, and are likely to be happy to help you out. It's always better to connect with someone with experience and in person. Best of luck!