Radius Criteria in Listsource?

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Hi all, I was wondering if any members who have used listsource have found a way to create a geographic radius criteria?? I want to only get properties that are within a certain radius of my cities center, Bloomington, IN, and am having a hard time doing so with the tools on listsource. Any advice would be great and thanks in advance!

@Wes Short When you click "build list" it will automatically open to the "geography" tab. From there click the drop down menu. It will present you with several options. You can select the "zip + radius" option which may be what your looking for. Or you can click the "Map Search" tab then draw your own search area.

When creating any list with a list provider, I very strongly suggest calling them directly and speaking with someone. Tell them exactly what you want instead of limiting yourself and defaulting to the fields and criteria that you find online. You can customize your lists much more specific to your actual needs.