Probate List Questions

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I am very new into wholesaling and want to pull some probate records.  My county has them available online so I do not need to go to the court house.  What are key things I am looking for, and how far back in history do I need to go (month, years, etc.) to pull records that will be efficient?

You'll need the decedents name and case number. 

While researching the online file make sure you cross reference the decedent's last known address with the county's tax records. (Parcel number)

Make sure as Mark stated above that the decedent in fact owned real property. Look up the decedent's address on the county assessor/appraisal website to make sure his/her name is listed as the owner. Keep in mind that roughly 35% of probate filings reflect cases where the deceased didn't own property to begin with. So in those situations it would generally be a waste of time to pursue any further. Good luck.