Title Companies for wholesalers

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Hello everyone, my 1st post! lol.  Thanks to everyone for posting with so much great info. I'm starting to wholesale and buy & hold. As far as wholesaling is concerned, which title company and/or contact there is great to work with here in Wichita? Specifically assignment contracts. Thank you

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You're best bet for a title company that thinks outside the box a little here in Wichita is probably going to be Kansas Secured Title.  My team uses the location out on W Maple specifically.  

I'm new to the real-estate market and wanted to get out talk to investors and learn about there journey. I'm looking to get into SFH and wanted to talk with some of the veterans that have been doing it. Thank you for your time

I'm not in your city but the best piece of advice I can give you is to work with a title company that is 'Investor Friendly'.

My first wholesale deal was for $24,000 and the title company I had chosen (not investor friendly) was claiming that I had assigned all of my rights to the new buyer and would not get paid the difference. I managed to get things worked out but I learned a very valuable lesson.

Best of luck.