Why does "Monitor Topic" Repeat?

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Can anyone explain why I always get three emails notifying me of a new post to a post I am following? Three is better than one but one is usually enough! :lol:

here's to a new email :)

Justin has it right. I do the same thing every time I create a thread, uncheck the little box at the top right of the thread. I'm on here often enough to see when a thread has been updated.

Gentlemen Thank You
I am getting three emails of the SAME reply. So when someone responds with an answer I get three separate emails of the same response. My computer gods must be angry.

Also, if you refer to uncheck the box marked "Monitor Topic", won't that stop all new responses?

Frank - You shouldn't be getting more than one email for any monitored topic. Are these going to the same email address or do you possibly have several accounts on the site - each of which follows a topic?

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

I've never heard of this happening before . . . seems very odd.

Frank - Do you have another email address? Maybe we can change the address and then see if you get repeat emails for monitored topics for that addy as well?

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