Wholesaling commercial real estate

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I understand how to wholesale single/multi family homes but I’m trying to get an understanding on wholesaling commercial abandoned buildings . The reason I’m confused is that I know to run comparables for single families but what’s the procedure for a abandoned store or building in a neighborhoods?

You might want to look up a gent named Cherif Medawar. His content is probably a good place to start on evaluating vacant triple net properties.

I'm a multifamily & self storage syndication guy so I can't shed any specific light on the topic. I met Cherif at an event a few years back, I'd start with his content if I were to go this route.

@Pharaoh Mitchell I think the first place to start is educating your self in commercial real estate in general. It is a steep learning curve compared to SFH and it becomes even more intricate when dealing with specific asset classes. The transaction times are more than likely longer than single family and the due diligence process is nothing compared to SFH. Hope this helps.

@Pharaoh Mitchell I am one data point and I suspect others on BP may have a different opinion, but wholesaling in commercial real estate is difficult at best. If you want to venture into the CRE space (in any asset class), then associate with a CRE firm or operator and commit to CRE. IMHO, you have to pick residential or commercial, but not both. They are different universes.