Title Company in DFW Area

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Hello All! I am a newbie Wholesaler/Real Estate Investor in Dallas, TX seeking recommendations on an investor/wholesale friendly title company in the DFW area? 

Good morning Omekao,  

I came across these two contacts here on the forums.   They may still be good.   I'm from Dallas originally but am in Denver know so I don't have first hand experience with them but thought it might be a helpful place to start.  

1. Community National Title @Philip Postel

2. Providence Title, Preston Center Dallas
    Tiffany Johnson

Thank you

@Tim thank you so much for the recommendation! Would definitely look into it! 

@Omeko Eromosele

Hi guys,

I have a law firm and title company in Frisco and Little Elm. We close deals all over DFW and around the State of Texas. Feel free to drop me a PM.

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