Kansas City- Single Family Homes

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What’s up Bigger Pockets-

I’m excited to be here, feels like I should’ve joined the forum a long time ago!

I’m interested in single family (turn key) homes and can close quickly on the right property!

I’d love to meet some Kansas City locals and hear about your experiences and in the Kansas City Market. Are there any meetups coming up?


@Jay Johnston KC is a great market for investing. If we can offer so help, we help investors do exactly what you are saying every day! We also have a meetup, actually the largest in KC with over 150+ in attendance each month. Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup ... would love to have you out!

Local National REIA Chapter MAREI - meets the 2nd Tuesday:

July 9th MAREI is hosting their 5th Annual Real Estate Investor Networking Trade Show to Benefit Harvesters - we typically have about 150 to 200 attend and about 40 Vendors.  Great opportunity to connect with a ton of folks and network all evening while benefitting the local food bank.

It's on the BP calendar of Networking Events

This one is sorta free, but we are asking for a small cash donation to Harvesters at the door.

There are also a bunch of Meetup Groups, Landlord Associations and other clubs you can check out.

You can find one or two events every week in the greater KC metro - I would suggest picking one or two.