Contact info (skip tracing) struggles

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Hey everyone, just wanted to see what the best options are for skip tracing property owners for some D4D leads I have currently. I’ve tried truepeoplesearch, beenverified, and the white pages but I’m not getting any legitimate hits. Mailers won’t help because the ones I’ve scrubbed are showing the same address and they all have mail piled up in the mailbox. There are some other options out there that require a minimum amount of people to be looked up but I don’t have 50+ leads currently. I also don’t want to wait until I have that many to start cold calling people and potentially lose the opportunity in a hot market. Any help is very much appreciated.

You may have pursued this when you reference "mailers won't work" but just to be sure, my primary method is to use the city assessor's website, and a county property owner lookup system. That gets me addresses, etc.

I've also searched the name in google, with the city you're in and "obituary". Sometimes they passed, and family doesn't want the property. I've called the city (smaller town), and gotten some more color on situations like this as well. So you may or may not have a resource like that to call and see what somebody knows. 

Not the real skip tracing methods, but it's worked for my needs. Any other ideas welcome! There is one that I drive past on my way to/from work with grass 18" high. Too bad mailing address is same as property address.