Who has trouble moving contracts in Philadelphia?

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I represent a large wholesaler in the Philadelphia area and we have a fairly efficient process when it comes to getting properties under contract and bringing them to a close with an end buyer. I wanted to see who has trouble moving these contracts in Philly and if so, why. Always looking to improve what we do.

@Jerryll Noorden Good point, our process is as follows:

Mailers/Online Advertising

Call center receives incoming leads and sets appointments

Sales agents run appointments and get property under contract

Dispositions team sets purchase price and sets up walkthroughs

Receive offers and make final decision

Rinse and repeat

The process itself isn't revolutionary, just that our team has effective people and we always maintain open lines of communication through our CRM, being in the office, and encouraging a culture where phone calls and texts are common. Additionally, we have an in-house transaction team that offsets many tasks that a title company would do which gives us a great relationship with our preferred title company and expedites the process.