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Hello, My Name Is Chalene Johnson And I'm From Columbia, South Carolina! I'm New To The Website And Very Excited To Be Here!  I'm Seeking Like-Minded Friends To Assist With My New Journey In Wholesaling Houses. I Have So Many Questions I Don't Know Where To Start. Is Anyone Willing To Help?

@Chalene Johnson Welcome to BP! There is tons of information right at your fingertips. There are tons of blog posts by knowledgable members that will probably answer the majority of your questions. But feel free to ask questions in the forums as well!

Go to youtube university!  Look up Wholesaling Inc.  Tom Krol, Max Maxwell, Tony Robinson, Justin Williams.  There is enough free knowledge on youtube you can become an expert in no time.  Just make sure you follow Tom Krol's advice and take imperfect action.  

Good luck!

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@Chalene Johnson Welcome! I agree with @David Hall, go to youtube and search wholesaling. There's tons of information there. A lot of videos walk you through the entire wholesale process and even explain things like purchase agreements.

Another piece of advice that I have been receiving from the BP community is finding a mentor. Attending meetups and networking events may help with finding one.

I hope that helps and best of luck on your new journey!

Welcome to Biggerpockets! Keep learning as much about RE as you possibly can. Utilize all the resources you have on the internet, including but not limited to, BiggerPockets. Feel free to post any questions here. The community will try its best to help you. 

Congratulations on starting your journey into the world of real estate!!

Hello, I am new to wholesaling and I am close to getting my first house under contract. What would be the best way to find buyers for it once I have it under contract? Also would anybody happen to have a contract that has a loop hold to back out if they can’t find a buyer? I have one but I would like to see all that’s out there.

Charlene, you are in the right place! This forum is jam-packed with information to get you started. Feel free to shoot any questions you may have.