1st property is an pre-foreclosures !

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Hey BP Family I have recently place my first property under contract ; it’s an pre- foreclosure home .Im fairly new to this industry I’m asking what’s a good way of wholesaling PF property to buyers as is .

Mortgage payment are behind 3k

Buyout is 72k

ARV is 88k

I don’t know where to start an marketing this property .

If you are familiar with pre-foreclosure shoot me an response thanks BP

When you say 'buy out', I'm assuming that you mean the mortgage balance?  If so, I'm not sure that you have a deal:  Mortgage balance $72K, $3K in arrears.  That equals $75K.  That spread is only $13K to account for many other things including your profit and the end buyer (investors) profit.  For a wholesale deal, it doesn't sound exciting.