Negotiations on a property owned by someone with experience

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Me and my business partner have found a vacant property that we want to aquire . We found the owner , who is an owner of a massive construction company in our area ( he also had a class action lawsuit case against Zillow ) we have not closed any deals yet. Looking for our first one. The question is . How should we approach him without looking like beginners ? We found him on Facebook . Would it be wise to messege him through there and how should we open up the conversation ?

Depending on the area, he is probably getting calls and letters all the time to sell.  I think FB is a creative idea and might work.  It also may not be a bad idea to seem like a beginner.  Worst case is that he under estimates you and you play him.  Even if you don't get the property, you'll get exp dealing w/ a pro.  Good luck!

@Patryk Domanski   I wouldn't just show up to his business without an appointment, especially if he's a owner of a big company,  he could be in meetings all day and showing up could aggravate him.  I know when I'm busy at work, and trying to focus on something important, I don't like distractions.

Messaging would be a good idea.  Just say that you're interested in the property and if he's looking to sell, and if he can say a few things about it.  Gets the conversation going.