Is anyone paying for PPC marketing?

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I've got about a $3-4k/mo budget for marketing and I'm looking for some council on the best way to do that effectively. I'm very aware that it is super easy to waste a lot of money in DM, PPC, SEO, FB ads, etc. so paying someone who knows what they're doing is very appealing to me. I would really like to scale my business in the next 18 months and would like to know how others have gone about it. I've spoken with adword nerds and lead propellor. Adword nerds is way more appealing, but they're also twice the cost. I don't believe I have the time or desire to learn it to do it on my own. Thanks in advance guys and gals!

I was checking out the REI Marketing Nerds podcasts.  They seem pretty good.  Of course, they offer a service to do this for you, but I don't know much about it.  They suggest that if you can't dedicate at least $1,000/month for 6 months, don't do PPC yet.
I'm currently relying on DM and cold-calls from D4D and Bird Dogs.  I'm also just getting started, so I can't say how well it's working yet, but I feel really good about this!

Forced Traffic & Conversion Strategy seems a good fit for you.

In short, get a website, make it credible, and do a FB ads campaign, DMM compaign CC campaign, any way you want to force traffic to your site.

If your site is credible you should make a deal within 2 months. Use that money to scale up in your marketing.

This is the short versions of the strategy. Reach out if you want a step by step guide.