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I go to listsource’s pricing page and it shows me nothing but links to build a search. How do I know how much it’s going to costs before digging in deeper? Does anyone know the pricing structure?


@Krista Manna You can build a list and see the pricing at the end with no obligation to purchase. It’s completely based on the list you put together and the specific info you want in the list. That way you can play around with it and make the list fit your budget. For my first list I did absentee owner multi family in a specific geography. The list was cheap and it was a good place for me to start. Hope that helps.

Is 8K too large of a list to start with?  Also I can't seem to get past the list build page.  I go to create an account & it doesn't go anywhere ....  I think they're website might be not working properly. 

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@Krista Manna I'm new but I think that might be a bit much. If you have that many options why not pair it down a little further and be more precise?

Will you send all 8k letters or call them? More likely you will send or call to a portion... Answer what calls come in.... Then send another batch, wash rinse and repeat. What happens if you get 200 plus responses? Can you handle those in a week?

I personally would send a portion.... Follow up... Send a portion.... Follow up. Otherwise that feels wasted leads and tied up money. I know in my chosen market with absentee multi family owners having 60% equity I had over 500 contacts. Cost was going to be a little over $120. Your market could of course vary.

Also for what it's worth I found their website took some time to get used to as well.

@Craig Chrzanowski from what I can tell by narrowing in my area 500 would cost about $450 not $120. If it was $120 for 500 I’d have less reservations about using it.