Should I join a real estate agency before I start wholesaling?

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I know a really good real estate agent and she’s with Coldwell banker. I asked her about wholesaling and her response was too go to school and get my license first and then join the Coldwell banker agency. If I join Coldwell banker I’m pretty sure I’d be considered a realtor right? Would joining them and starting off as a real estate agent before I start wholesaling independently be a smart idea ? Do you think this is the best route for me to take? Thanks

This really depends on your career goals. A lot of states are now requiring a licenses to wholesale real estate so if you want to be in real estate investing for the long-haul it will be beneficial for you to go ahead and get your license.

I would not necessarily say Coldwell Banker is the best place for you to be.   You should interview with all the top companies in your area and see what they all have to offer a new agent. Make sure to tell them your focus will be on real estate investing.