I am talking specifically to you, RLC Investor Group out of Memphis, TN, as well as all other telemarketers.

First, let me explain why I am p*ssed off: On a Monday in August, at 0604 hrs (that’s 6:04am,) my 79-year-old relative was awakened when her home phone rang.

Unfortunately, once she speedily - thinking it was a family emergency - reached the phone, she was met with the dial tone. Shortly thereafter, however, she heard a voicemail message that the “caller” left - it was a message from RLC Investor Group:

“Hey. How are you? My name is Trent Lxx. (sic) I’m calling with RLC Investor Group... because your property came across our desk... we are looking to expand our portfolio in your area...”

The cherry on the pie was the ending of the vm: “...And if you received this message in error, please disregard and have a wonderful evening.” Disregard? At 6:04 am? Wishful thinking.

So, never mind that I never did any business with RLC - which then makes this call illegal, per se - where do you people get off calling someone at 6:04 am their time with your business proposals?

Let me be clear: so far, RLC is the worst offender. But I get almost daily calls from various people/companies in Memphis. Some are live people, some are recordings like the one from RLC. But ALL of them ring - even if only once when it is supposed to be a “ringless voicemail.”

I have numerous phone lines under my name that I pay for for other people. I own properties in different names. (Please do not comment with suggestions to put my properties into some other than a human entity - I own what I own under whatever name, because that is how it suits me. And the phone number called in this case was nowhere near any real estate transaction I have ever made - they dug it up, because it is under my name.)

I understand that Memphis wholesaling is hard. But that is not my problem - or my elderly relative’s.

As I said, I get these calls almost daily. I don't want to have to sue - for thousands of dollars. It's a business for you; I respect that. But if you continue to do it with no care for others, you'll only have yourselves to blame. Perhaps you believe that your LLC will protect you...

I am keeping a log of all calls going back to April now. It’s a fair warning.