New To Virtual Wholesaling

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Im new to wholesaling, I got a few houses locally lined up with phone numbers I will be contacting *** soon as I get some contracts. But I wanted help if anyone could point me to a article or tell me how to go about virtual wholesaling and how it differs.

Virtual wholesaling is simply wholesaling sight unseen. It can be in your area or out of the area.

You get the property under contract over the phone and using digital documents. You then assign the contract to your buyer again over the phone and or digital.

You really need to know what your doing, be able to really dial in values and repairs and have solid buyers ready to close.

@Marcin Dymczyk I wouldn’t recommend a new wholesaler start with virtual wholesaling. You really need to have trustworthy boots on the ground people that can go on appointments for you. You need an agent to give you accurate comps, you need a contractor who can give you a good repair estimate, you need someone you trust to go on the appointment for you and meet your seller and put the property under contract on your behalf. Wholesaling in your own area is difficult enough. I would strongly suggest that you start closer to home before you try and wholesale in another state since you have no experience wholesaling yet.