Wholesaling for equity interest

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Hi, has anyone wholesaled a property without a fee in exchange for an interest in the property? If so, I'm curious how it worked out and how viable you think this strategy is as a longer term play, assuming that your marketing and other expenses are well handled.

@Sean D I have never done it personally, but that’s mostly because it wouldnt make sense to an investor. I have heard of new wholesalers forfeiting a wholesale fee in exchange for being involved in a rehab so they can learn the process and gain some experience on the construction side. But to trade a wholesale fee for an interest in the property? I would never agree to that. Ownership interest means I have to get that wholesaler to sign off before I can sell my rehab...it could just be because Im a control freak, but there is no way I would do that. Id be interested to hear if someone here has actually done that.