Newbie wholesale deal

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I'm about to put under contact a commercial property in NC and wanted to know how to market it to wholesalers for quick closing. Commercial is an vacant church in heart of town that is vacant and need repairs after last business moved out. minor water damage to floors due to leaky roof. Currently new roof with yearly inspection. 11400 SF two story building (1955) with apartment on second floor and what was a church on the first level. Few comps, tax is 392k but ARV is endless depending what you want to do with the property (Apt, restaurant, church/daycare center,.....). sorry so long but this is my deal and my head is

First and foremost, be very clear in any marketing or reaching out to investors that you are selling the contract, not the property. Following those guidelines you can post a listing on craigslist or Facebook Marketplace (leave the address off). There are a number of large wholesaling and cash buyer facebook groups out there to look as well. I learned its best to find those buyers first.  

Another option is to pull recent cash/sheriff sale transactions in the area.You'll probably want to narrow your search down to commercial.  From there you can skip trace and find your investors. Youtube has some great instructional videos on this strategy. 

@Rodney Downey You posted this exact same post. I thought the responses were pretty spot on. You clearly have no idea what you are doing and you definitely have no business putting any property (especially a church) under contract since you are completely clueless about what to do.