I’m just starting off and I really need help

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Congratulations... I would start attending meetups and REIA meetings in your area. Maybe place a post on Craigs List (don't include the house address just the street).

I would also recommend you review this article on wholesaling that I wrote for BP a few years ago.  It might shed some light on the subject.  https://www.biggerpockets.com/...

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Originally posted by @Brandon Longino :

I just starting off and I have a seller and I’m think about putting it under contract but I don’t know how to find a buyer. What do I do?

Sounds like you put the cart before the horse here. Without knowing the ins and outs of wholesaling, making sure you are doing it legally, and already having your team in place (cash buyers, transactional funders, title reps, escrow company, etc,) you should not be looking for sellers. Until you have these in place and a bit of knowledge to process the deal, I do t recommend getting anything under contract with any seller. Check your state laws too as "assigning contracts" where you market that property and or contract to the public is violating the law and considered brokering without a license.

Give this thread a read to get you started:


@Brandon Longino start with buyers as the others have mentioned.

Some of the best ways to find cash buyers is networking at local REI meetups, masterminds, Facebook groups,

Realtors, title companies, closing attorneys, property management companies, auctions, Craigslist, bandit signs, google search etc.

You can search real estate transactions in your tax database. Look for entities and individuals that have bought multiple properties. You may need to search by the address of the buyer as they may change their name or the name of the entity on each purchase.

You can also buy lists from companies like list source and subscribe to software that will show you who the cash buyers are. You can skip trace addresses with a service like datazap and calm them up.