Meetup - Via Conference Call (Wholesalers)?

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Hi, everyone!

Happy Wednesday selling! I love that there are local meetups but what about wanting to learn from experienced wholesalers from different markets via live conference calls? Is there anything ongoing like this? I’d love to learn more about North Carolina (Raleigh and Charlotte). Anyone open for a group call?


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Thanks and happy hunting!

Hi, @Erica Dixon ! I’m relatively new as well so no worries. I have found deals and scheduled meetings with motivated sellers; still though, need to put that first good deal under my belt! Happy to connect and exchange strategies/ideas with you.

@Diego Furlan yes havent done my first deal either. Have a house I'm putting under contract tonight as a matter of fact. House in VA. So im going to have to learn how to do it virtually. Good luck to you. And if you ever get any deals in NC. ( Raleigh. Area) im happy to help anyway i can. 😊

Hey. Still working on it. Had to find the right title company. Then the offices were closed for Thanksgiving. Have to removed some items in the house so i can show to potential buyers. Hopefully we can close by Christmas. Thanks for checking. Hopefully your business is starting to flourish.

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