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Hi my name is Ben I’m new investor looking in the Ny Westchester area. I’m looking to send direct mail to my listsource list and would like suggestions. What system do you other investors use to send mail? Thank you in advance.

@Benjamin Morris ,

There are a bunch of companies online who will do your mailing.  Look them up and see what works for you.  I'm using PostcardMania, but I'm not married to them.  I'm sending out 1,000 postcards per week split into two groups.

@Benjamin Morris there are many companies out there providing direct mail services. Most of them have handwritten fonts so you won't have to hire anyone to handwrite your mail pieces. I pay 40 cents per postcard including all costs. I will message you with some company names and will send you some postcard designs that are giving me good response rate.

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@Barry Pekin thank you Barry

Can i ask you

1. What your postcards look like

2. What’s the response rate to your postcards

You can ask.  :)

Honestly, I don't have answers at this point.  I have 15,000 postcards queued up.  They should be going out at the rate of 1,000 per week within the next week, so I have no idea what my response rate will be

What I can say is that I will add cold calling to the mix.  I'm hoping that that will improve my response rate.  I'm also going to be adding D4D (as my 13-year-old wants to help with that.)  With all that, I'm anticipating great success!

Oh, and as for what the postcards look like.  Don't ask me.  I am second guessing myself on that every day.  What I am NOT second guessing, however, is the fact that I'm starting to send them out and I'm not stopping.  If I don't make a single deal, I have 15 weeks, or almost three months of DMM planned.  And if it doesn't work, I'm not stopping.

So don't let the details bog you down.  Just get started and see what happens.  Pay attention to what you're doing, what's working, and what's not, and adjust as needed.  


@Benjamin Morris direct mail is not an exact science but it is a craft. I would suggest you contact a local mailing house they will be able to produce your mailer, envelope and mail your piece for a lot cheaper than some of the online services. Many online service will charge you the cost of a post card for what you can pay for a full color envelope and mailer. I've done yeloow letters, post cards, and professional letters and the letters do a lot better as far as response rate, and conversion rate. The verbiage on the envelope is just as important if not more than the letter. You want the letter to get open and that is dependent upon the envelope.

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