Preferred Skip Tracing Sites?

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@Siobhan Kelly-Roberts

Most bulk skip tracing is 15 cents per record. Lots of sites do it-I have used skip genie and that works but lots of others out there. My understanding is that they all query Lexus nexus.

Originally posted by @Jeff Mason :

@Siobhan Kelly-Roberts take a look at BellesLink. It has excellent batch skip tracing and single searches. Our batch search includes a number scrub so you never get a disconnected phone number in our search results. 

@Jeff Mason
I'm looking for a new skip tracing service and am very annoyed with the amount of bad numbers I'm getting from Batch Skip Tracing and Reiskip. They're cheap, but the amount of bad/disconnected numbers isn't worth it. What's the average percentage of good numbers retrieved with BellesLink?


@Siobhan Kelly-Roberts the best I’ve seen is probably Lead Sherpa’s for 15c, but it’s not really worth it unless you use Sherpa for text messaging as well. Batch Skip is pretty good too but it’s 20c now. I’ve got an in-house skip tracer who does it for me for 10c. We could run your lists through our system if you want.