List scrubbing criteria???

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Hi there,

I currently have a driving for dollars list I've complied of about 500 properties from deal machine.  I need to scrub this list before I skip trace it and wanted to reach out for some help/advice/direction.  When scrubbing the list what types of criteria do you look for to determine if a property is a bad lead and should be removed before skip tracing?  ie. if the property sold last month it's probably not a good lead.  Would really appreciate any advice on what different criteria everyone uses?  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!



Well, if you're driving for dollars and compiling the leads yourself, then you've already built your own criteria of what you consider a "good lead." If it didn't seem like a potentially distressed property, you probably wouldn't have put it on your list, right? Not sure why you'd need to scrub it. Just skip the whole list and try your luck calling up every property on it. Sure you might come across properties that have been sold recently or something, but going through every single property individually to look up that information seems like a colossal waste of time, instead of just paying $.10 cents for skip tracing. That's just my opinion.